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Carol Novack & The Menagerie

Multimedia Collaboration: The Beginning

Carol Novack (Poetry)
Orin Buck (Video)
Paul Toth (Music)
Austin Publicover (Recitation)
Amy Marie Bucciferro (Recitation)

before the beginning

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Amy Marie Bucciferro studied critical theory and poetry at The George Washington University and now specializes in digital media strategy and nonprofit organization management, focusing on water and the waterfront, food policy, and community engagement. She currently works for BizBash Media and consults for PortSide NewYork and other local nonprofits.

Orin Buck is a multimedia artist working in videography, photography, computer art, painting, drawing and music. In 1979, computers seemed to him to be the future of art, so, with the goal of uniting his interests in abstract painting and music, throughout the 1980s he created algorithmic computer video art/music with cheap home computers. After that his interests expanded into using non-computer materials for video art. To make a living, he branched off into web design, graphic design, and professional videography. Orin lives and works in New York City. His art can be seen here.

Brooklyn-based noise artist Austin Publicover has collaborations with Carla Harryman in How2 and, and is pleased to count Joanna Fuhrman and Amy Marie Bucciferro among the talent he works with.

Paul Toth - USA Today listed Toth's latest work, Airplane Novel, as the #4 Best Independent Novel of 2011. Toth's first three published novels form a nonlinear trilogy consisting of Fizz, Fishnet and Finale. He also works in multimedia.




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