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CAROL NOVACK In Memoriam 1948 2011

Our dear friend, Carol Novack, writer, poet, editor and luminary publisher of the alternative and edgy Mad Hatters' Review, MadHat Press and the MadHat Arts Foundation, passed away peacefully last night at 8.55 pm in the Elizabeth Hospice in Hendersonville (nr. Asheville ), North Carolina .

We shall miss you deeply old soul, old friend.

Mad Hatters' Issue 11 from 2009, featured one of Carol's own poems, “Comic Yellow Fragmentos.” It seems most appropriate to publish it again here.


Comic Yellow Fragmentos

Using my yellow tail
I yellow-swam to the Last Judgment
From the Yellow River
As a yeast of the yellow peril,
Vastly overweight
With skin the color of old gold.

In Venice and Stockholm,
People called me yellow Jack
Just for fun
Hailed me as a yellow dog
Yellow star of David sewn to my past:
When I yelped on my yellow legs,
Pale as whipped cream,
A cybernetic game figure
Made a house-call.

To flee from the yellow flu,
The serums, x-rays, and shots,
I go back to the river and in the Scottish Highlands,
Pass the dumplings in Prague
And the wild turkeys keep turkeying,
Speaking Yiddish Yerkishly like yellow warblers.

I yield at a yellow spot
Close to Yellowstone .

We've all gotta go
You know, so
Sanguine in a yellow sheet
When the rabbi sings the yellow alert,
Rings the emergency bell,
I'm in a shethl in Bohemia somewhere,
You in Atheny, no Nazis.

I have composed many yellow pages and purple prose,
Fragmentos to endure for decades:
Fifteen volumes for a yeasty yellow book
To be published by the yellow press.

Don't worry, I will yell low
Back on the river,
It's all free room
And board,
And the working woman was always
A good cook.

Just close your eyes
And go painlessly
Into dreamless yellow


Acting Publisher and Editor-in-Chief
Marc Vincenz
and on behalf of Mad Hatters everywhere…


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